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Crinkles & Curls – My blog

Crinkles & Curls Blog by Mireille
A blog by Mireille Liong, author of Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair
As a Social Entrepreneur with an analytical mind that was conditioned to approach matters mathematically, I couldn’t help but dig deeper to find out why Natural Hair ever became an issue in the first place.
So Crinkles and Curls is my personal blog where I like to go beyond the surface and connect the dots between Black Hair, history and society.
Inspired by Marcus Garvey’s famous saying “Remove the crinkles from your brain, not from your hair”, I hope to straighten out some persuasive notions and change the stereotypical mindset about African hair.
On a lighter note, I also like to share the experience of living in Bedstuy Brooklyn, traveling abroad and random basic stuff that keep life fascinating. Enjoy!

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