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Meghan's the Duchess and her mom

The morning of the Royal wedding, I woke up to this message: Mireille, you know you look like Meghan’s mom right?

To be honest, I didn’t. I had never seen her mom. Of course I heard about the wedding the minute it made headlines but to confess, I didn’t read any of the articles.

The headlines were too speculative for me from the start. O, the prince is going to marry a black woman, well she’s not black. And then, so said this and blablabla. Sorry, I honestly don’t have time for that. All I thought was, why don’t they just leave them alone? If they are really in love and they want to get married, please leave them be.

But of course the news was everywhere and just the day before the wedding, I happened to hear on WNYC, that Meghan’s mom had dreadlocks. I thought, wow that is great. And I even thought I needed to look her up but then again, it wasn’t that high on my priority list and on I went with my business.

Needless to say that after the text, I really needed to look her up.

So I answered my friend, actually, I don’t. I happened to hear that she has locs but I don’t know what she looks like. Within seconds she posted this picture. All I could do was smile.

I wasn’t sure about the resemblance but what I saw was a beautiful mom. Stylish, graceful, powerful and natural with a sweet smile. Whether I look like her or not, it’s a compliment.

Then I saw bits and pieces of the wedding. I saw Gail reporting live from Winsor. My wall was full, FULL of moments of the wedding, opinions and what not.

There is Power in love was so often repeated that I had to look up the sermon of the Bishop. I was thankful his profile also passed.

From the recap I got that it was indeed a gorgeous day, the two looked genuinely in love and happy and it automatically made me smile.

It’s always good to see people who are happy with each other, wherever you are. I really liked what Gail said: find someone who looks at you the way Harry looks at Meghan. That said it all.

In case you missed it, the one article I read about the wedding is a one I strongly recommend: Meghan Markle’s wedding was a celebration of blackness.

Now, I hope you find your someone who looks at you the way Harry looked at Meghan.

Meghan's the Duchess and her mom


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