Black Follicles Matter: My Book Talk at Sisters Uptown Bookstore

Bad Hair Uprooted at Sister Uptown BookStore

Black Follicles Matter Bad Hair Uprooted Book Talk
Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center

On Saturday June 10th, I had a book talk about Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles at Sisters Uptown bookstore in Harlem. That colorful vibrant place where delicious healthy smoothies are also available, must be the coziest bookstore in the city. This beautiful space envisioned and owned by Miss Janifer Wilson that opened up in 2000 has been serving as a community center since June 2007.

Welcomed by the owner herself, a warm personality complimented with thick fabulous natural hair strands, made me feel at home instantly.

With over 100 RSVP’s and a couple of people who had called the bookstore to be on the waiting list, I was a little nervous that the space would be too small but even that single worry faded away. Not everybody showed up so there was room enough and it turned out to be a great gathering and book talk.

Sister Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center
Friends from my home country Suriname; Sherida, Edmond and Sieglien. You can order the book at 

Besides a few friends who came to support me, I found myself to be in front of a whole new audience. A showing of hands told me they weren’t familiar with at all. So as usual I introduced myself but this time I really started at the very beginning of my journey of when I went natural and why because ultimately that is what brought me there.

Not sure if all of you remember but I went natural because my hair was breaking severely at a time when I was living in Amsterdam the Netherlands with no information about natural hair at all.

As desperate as I was back then, when I look back now I see my hair breakage as a blessing. It was not just my hair but the universe slowly but surely swayed me to change course.

When I got to my first book Going-Natural started to ring a bell as one of the guests had bought the book back in the day, read it and even tried some of the styles. She tried the twist out among others but her favorite one was the flat twists because that lasted longer. It never fails to be a wonderful experience to hear a reader talk about how your book helped them.

Black Follicles Matter Bad Hair Uprooted Book talk
Bookstore owner Janifer Wilson and Dervie buying Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles

The Going Natural Hair products were also a hit. Not only did Miss Janifer herself bought some, she will also carry them in her store. So from now on Harlem people, you don’t have to travel to Brooklyn anymore if you don’t want to order online, you can get the Going Natural hair Care products at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore. 

Going Natural products at sister's uptown Bookstore

Unfortunately I couldn’t catch all people on tape nor on camera but I still feel grateful, humbled and happy.If you want to hear the full story of why Black Follicles Matter, check the Going Natural Events Page. More book talks and a hair show are coming up!

Black Follicles Matter Bad Hair Uprooted Book talkBlack Follicles Matter Bad Hair Uprooted Book talk
Charene and Peter

Black Follicles Matter Bad Hair Uprooted Book talkI am wearing the Moroccan Magic Dress available at our new Marketplace

Black Follicles Matter Bad Hair Uprooted Book talk


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