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Priscilla Amado

Priscilla Amado

Artist and lifestyle blogger Priscilla Amado is a proud African by way of Cabo Verde islands. Although she was born and raised in Boston, Priscilla moved to NYC in 2010 and is currently living in Brooklyn as a freelance media marketing specialist.

Kendra Nicole

Kendra Nicole

Meet our latest and youngest blogger is Kendra Nicole. She shares with us her experience of moving from New Jersey to San Juan Puerto Rico. A whole experience for a kid, especially a Black girl who doesn’t have long straight or weavy hair but wears her hair and Natural. 

Photographer Dajuan Jones

Dajuan Jones

As a working professional, I wasn’t in anyway interested in trading my talents for portfolio work. But as the model expounded on why she was looking for such an agreement, my tone changed. The model was Chassity, and she was looking for a photographer to help her with the ANNM 2012 competition. When she explained …

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Sisterlocks from Terez Howard

Terez Howard

After I readGoing Natural: How to Fall in Love With Nappy Hairby Mireille Liong-A-Kong, the lady behind this super helpful natural hair care resource, I knew that I was ready to get locs. I wasvacationingduring the summer of 2010, and I brought the book along with me. I had been enjoying the freedom of natural …

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Mireille Liong

Mireille Liong-A-Kong, a Suriname native, graduated with a Master Degree in Information Technology from the University of Amsterdam and changed the capital of Holland for the city of Brooklyn New York in 2003.   Personally taunted by the notorious hair and scalp issues eminent in the Black community, Liong decided to devote her professional expertise …

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A. K. Tate

A.K. Tate is a retired nurse who spends part of the year in the U.S., and part of the year in the tropics. Born and raised as a military brat, he considers himself a resident earthling, thus many places he calls “home”.His greatest influences are his Dad, whom he calls his professor of life, emeritus; …

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Wilbur Pack

Wilbur Pack, Jr., designer, hairstylist, and entrepreneur, made his debut to the fashion world with the edgy Sorta Kinda Couture Ragz, his made-to-measure tailored clothing line. SK Wilbur, Pack’s current line of fun, deliciously vibrant, rainbow hued knit tops, is the next step in his evolution as a designer. Realizing that there was a void …

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