My Hair Loss Story and How I saved my edges

Braidlocs and hair loss


hair loss Loc Breakage

My braidlocs are back!


It is no secret that I went through a seriously rough time when my sister passed away in 2016. Although there were plenty of happy moments at her bedside and I will always feel grateful for the celebration of her live on the day her body was laid to rest, emotionally it was a very stressful time. A time I honestly just couldn’t bring myself to care properly for my hair.

I did notice that my locs were thinning at the roots, I knew the time was due for retightening and in the end I did go to a salon but by then my hair was seriously damaged. The loctitian in Paramaribo Johanna, owner of Salon the Hair Box, did a great job fixing my locs but that was all she could do. When you know you’ve neglected your hair to the point that it starts breaking, it’s your personal responsibility to make sure it heals. A hair dresser can only do so much so I was really thankful that Johanna saved my locs.

Loosing locs

The next visit to my staple loctitian here in New York was much tougher. Adenike from the Woven Wool didn’t see the need to keep my still stringy hair just pulled at least 3 thinning locs out. Ouch! It didn’t just literally hurt. It pained me immensely that my braidlocs were doing so bad but all I could do was watch. Months later, Adenike who has always done my locs, was really concerned. There was no improvement. She saw too much scalp.

Very aware that emotional stress can disrupt the normal cycle of hair growth, I began to worry that my hair wouldn’t grow back at all in those thinning spots. When I also started smelling mildew in my braidlocs, I had enough. Buildup only adds to hair stress because it makes your hair unnecessarily heavy, so I got into action.

Sadest day of my loc journey. 2 locs pulled out on this side.

Finding a remedy

I started cleaning my locs with acv and baking soda and it did work. All cleaned up, the smell was gone, my locs felt much lighter but extremely dry. My scalp was itchy and my braidlocs felt rough.

I  desperately needed something to moisturize and soften my hair because with this dryness only more of my locs would come out or just break off my head.

What I really needed was a product that would nourish my hair back to health. A formula to heal my follicles and make my super dry locs feel soft but left no residue. Also a very important factor.

After months and months of research, trying things here and there, I came up with an all organic water based spray infused with essential oils. I started spraying it on my hair and scalp regularly which did make my hair feel much softer. Although I was happy with my moisturized hair, I was still concerned about my scalpy locs. That is until it was time for my next retightening appointment.

The formula worked!

Adenike who is also a Reiki practitioner and a raw food chef, became cautiously hopeful because she noticed that my hair was doing much better.

Another three months later, my loctitian was really surprised. “Your hair is really coming back Mireille, I see no more scalp”, she said. That is when I told her about the spray. Impressed by the hair growth, she’d seen up-close, Adenike who is very picky, ordered the first bottle. Needless to say, I was elated a new product was officially born.

Tinekes healthy hair growth spray nwTinekes healthy hair growth spray on Braidlocs

Naming it after my sister Tineke

This new formula is super special because it feels like coming full circle. My sister Tineke, always had thick, very thick long hair and she loved her hair!

Even as her sister, I can’t recall ever to have seen her with messy hair. Rollers yes, plenty of times but messy hair, my sister, NEVER. Her hair was always healthy, always looked good and she never had a problem growing her hair.

So reminiscing about last year and what got this started, I could only name the spray after my sister. I named it Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray.

Now to start 2018 off with a good deed, I am giving a bottle away. Please share this article and comment on why you need to receive the first free bottle of Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray.

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The Making of Tineke\’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray


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