The #BlackPanther #WakandaHairstyles is worth the Challenge

My Wakanda hairstyle

Did you know that all the hairstyles in the Black Panther film are natural? Hairstylist Camille Friend the visionary behind the fabulous hairdos rocked in Wakanda was really firm about keeping it natural and I for one are thankful for that. More than thankful, I am inspired and that is why I call for the #BlackPantherharstylechallenge calling for everyone to rock their #WakandaHairstyle!

black panther hairstyle braidlocsback

Even before reading the interview in the cut with Camillie Friend, I was inspired to do a Black Panther themed hairstyle for the opening weekend next week. Now that I know that Miss Camille purposely kept the hairstyles natural and proudly mentioned that there is no press and comb in this movie, no relaxers, no nothing, I am elated!

The hairstylists on set crushed the doubts of the fabulous actors who may not be used to a qualified staff of hair people who are phenomenal and well-versed in natural hair while filming. This is without doubt also a great historic moment for natural hair. A block buster with all natural hairstyles created by visionary and staff experienced in natural hair. We seriously need to celebrate!

For my hairstyle, I went to T. Albertini from Ancestral Strands who did two Going Natural Hair Shows in a row. She stood out because she didn’t use extensions at all. Tamara works with every length and every texture you naturally have. So her outstanding styles made me curious to see what she could make of my 4 year old braidlocs. 

All I had to do is wash my hair. For the rest Tamara had total freedom. She couldn’t believe it when I said, let my head be your canvas. Stylists don’t seem to get that often if ever but she loved it. To be sure she asked me to confirm a dozen times. She said, are you sure because I could go loose! All I answered was, do your thing. Show me what you got!

black panther hairstyle braidlocs updo embelleshed
Hairstyle and embellishments by Ancestral You can book an appointment on the site
black panther hairstyle braidlocsback
Hairstyle and embellishments by Ancestral You can book an appointment on the site

It took her four hours to create this incredible hairstyle. Ethiopian inspired in the front, a roll and her signature braid in the back embellished with Kinte cloth, beads and hair jewelry. Tribal, ancestral but also futuristic all in one style. Let me know if you like it and please join me. I can’t wait to see your Black Panther themed Wakanda hairstyle!

If you do want to keep it 100 Wakanda, Camille based the Wakanda styles on three parts, the “traditional” look, for which they used inspiration from the Zulu tribe, the Maasai tribe, and the Hima tribe. For the modern styles they looked at the natural-hair movement as well as at the Afropunk movement

So whether you want to create your hairstyle yourself or go to a stylist, just get your #WakandaHairstyle and upload it to our gallery. You can also follow me on instagram @WhatNaturalsLove and tag me with the hastags #BlackPantherhairstyleChallenge #WakandaHairstyles.


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