The reason she shaved her head will Shock you

Her husband is shaving her head

Liked more than 7,000 times and shared more than 4,000 times, made clear that this video was quite a hot topic. Yet, it passed on my wall several times before I watched it. I had no clue it was about hair or about a woman shaving her hair but I think you should see the story. 

Quite often I’ve had a discussion about this very topic; how we judge each other by our hair. Thanks to the research that I’ve done, I know that it stems from our time in Africa where a hairstyle was related to you tribe, family and social status. You can take us out of Africa but who we are is embedded in our genes so hair will always be important to us. There is a reason why we outspend any other ethnic group on hair care and products.

Yet, judging each other by our strands is not a good thing. In the earlier days it was She probably can’t afford a relaxer that is why she is nappy and then it very likely changed to calling out cheap weaves.  

In all honesty, I don’t like weaves. I hate to wear them myself and yes I have worn them but if I am really being honest, I don’t like them on most people either. The reason is that there are just very, VERY few good weaves. If you’re a Beyonce, you can afford the best of the best so yes those are exceptional good weaves but I don’t see a lot of those.

This may stem from the time I wore weaves myself. I was experimenting while going natural. I tried bantus, had failed twist outs where my hair was all poofed up when I arrived at an event and couldn’t return home and fros gone wild but the weaves were truly my worst experience. 

Although I loved the idea of not having to care for my hair for a while and I wish I could wear them forever, I was always way too conscious about my hairline because the cornrows were so easily exposed. Then there was also the sweating and even worse, the itching. I really just couldn’t stand it and so I stuck with braids.

What I also realized is that it was my personal experience. Some of my friends would never ever wear braids or feel comfortable with those swining extensions but it’s all good. Some people rather wear weaves but it’s not a shame nor crime especially because we don’t know the back story.

So many of us go through chemo or have health issues and that is what this video is about. I didn’t know this couple. This is the first video that I watched and I can even understand why a person would ask that question: she promotes the natural hair of her daughters but she herself wears wigs, so I think it’s a valid question but it’s also how you ask a question. Anyway, just watch the video and let me know what you think.

husband is shaving his wife's head



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