The Moroccan Magic Dress; one dress so many styles

The Moroccan Magic Dress; one dress so many styles
The Moroccan Magic Dress; one dress so many styles

It is called the magic dress for a reason. The magic with the Moroccan dress really never ends. The hidden pockets, the stash that you hardly see pictured offer countless other options to wear this dress. No matter what style you choose, you will feel comfortable wearing it.

It started with this video and this blog: Can you help me find this dress?

We are discovering new ways to wear this fabulous dress every day. I had so much fun shooting these ladies trying the dress and coming up with new styles. From yellow to orange and pink, the colors are just fabulously gorgeous and give the Moroccan dress another dimension.

The most simple way is of course to wear the dress straight. Then draping the outer layer of the Magic Dress around your wrist, gives it a different look but then also draping it around your shoulder. That gives the asymmetric one shoulder look.

Draping the outer layer of the dress around both wrists, give you, you guessed it a whole other look and feel; Very elegant as you can see in the orange.

Using the stash that comes with it as a belt around the waist is a another way to that shows the magic of this dress but so is wrapping it around your neck or using it to transfer the Moroccan dress magically in a two layer halter top dress.

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Just take a look at some of the Many Different Styles to wear the Moroccan Magic Dress and please let us know your favorite. And, if you come up with a new style, please send it to us! We’ll be happy to feature you as well.


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