Good Hair Styles

The versatility of Natural hair.

Nigerian Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks in Nigeria: Dreadlocks are Associated with Beliefs about Danger

Dreadlocks in Nigeria : A grown man in the streets of Nigeria is bound to attract attention especially if he has his hair loc’d. And it’s not positive attention! Regardless of being educated and achieving higher social status, many people still hold on to stereotypes about locs. Dreadlocked men are mostly associated with danger and …

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Natural hairstyle Kumba Out

Kumba Out

The Kumba Out style is derived from what we call Motjo Kumbas in Suriname. It’s one of those house styles that women wouldn’t wear out. Like cornrows used to be, good to wear underneath a wig but never for the world to see.

natural hair updo

An updo for Natural hair

An updo has many advantages in general but especially for natural hair.You hardly have to worry about a collapsing hairdo as one of the great things about our tresses is that it naturally stands up as some explain to connect with a higher power. 

Natural Hairstyle by Meko NY; Conrrows in an updo

My style for the Holidays

Photo by Unfortunately I missed the grand opening of Meko New York Hair and Spa Boutique in Orange NJ on October 17. It is quite a ride from Brooklyn but it was worth a while because owner Simeko Watkins-Hartley explained to me that they specialize in more than natural hairstyling.

Twisted Cornrows

Twisted Cornrows styled by:Tameeka Although I am a DIY-er for the most part, there is no denying that a stylist can really take your look to the next level. Tameeka whom I met back in 2003 is one such a stylist. More than a stylist, she calls herself a Natural Hair Care Specialist.

Natural Happy Curls

Happy Curls

  Black women, natural or not, are always on the look for that one product that perfectly defines the beautiful shape of  uniquely coiled strands with a healthy shine and cheerful bounce. Still, this may not be as difficult as you may think. In fact, it can be fairly easy to make your curls happy. …

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Loc Extensions

I got locs!

Locs styled by Quincy  While thinking for weeks about a low maintenance style for this summer, I saw this woman with a gorgeous loced style. At a closer look, I could see that they were extensions. Now I was even more interested.