2017 Highlights of Natural Hair Shows, Styles & happenings

Braidlocs in Goejaba

Braidlocs Mireille at guyaba At Goeaba, Maroon village in Suriname

As the year is coming to a close and the list of supporters for my mini crowdfunding is growing, I like to sincerly thank every one who donated while looking back on quite an eventful year. Like every year, there were downs but I am happy to look back on more ups. If the things you do are indeed rated by how much you contribute to society, I am even happier to see that I was pretty successful in 2017. 

It all started with the Moroccan Magic Dress video that I recorded back in 2012 at the annual African Festival in Brooklyn, New York. With my new iPad, I taped the model showing the Moroccan dress for no other reason than to share its magic with the world and uploaded it to youtube.

After I finally posted a blog for one of my long-time followers to help me find that Moroccan Dress the video went viral on facebook with over 5 million views and the rest is history.

The dress is back in stock. You can order it at Moroccan Magic Dress Store

I ended up selling a record number of Moroccan Dresses which helped me to finally build FromUsByUs.com, a marketplace for Black Hair Products and Naturalista Fashion. This was truly exiting but of course there is more.

The Going Natural Hair Show themed Black Follicles Matter was another highlight at the International African Arts Festival on the 4th of July. I got out of my comfort zone to honor and present the natural hairstylists who are truly the foundation of this whole natural hair movement. It was such a blessing. A video is in the works but you can read and see the images at Black Follicles Matter Hair Show.

dreadlocks Hairstyle updo

Thanks to the wonderful Marlynella Conception, I was allowed to be the keynote speaker and present Bad Hair Uprooted at Kuralicious, the Natural Hair, Beauty and Health Show at Curacao. Accompanied by Sabine Bellevue from Sabine’s Natural Hair Salon who I brought along to give workshops, we all had a great time. You can read about it at Bad Hair Uprooted a great success at Kuralcious Curaçao and see newly added photos at the Kuralicious Gallery.

going natural at direct tv

Photo Studio Going Natural

In October, I finally also opened my own photo studio! You can take a look and even book at going-natural.com/photostudio/.

Then in my birthday month November, I went to Suriname to celebrate my birthday with my 81 year old dad and spend quality time with him. His daughter, my sister only just passed away a little over a year ago and we are somehow still coping with it.

Still, going home is always special. This time it seemed extra special. Not only did I get a chance to travel deep into the into the interior of the rainforest, I also let my followers talk me into organizing a natural hair pageant, Miss Kroeshaar, Suriname’s Next Natural Hair Model.

Yes, try setting up a real life pageant that usually takes at least three months, in two weeks. It was stressful, I am not going to lie and I thought about cancelling the idea at least three times but in the end, I was more than happy that I pushed through. Of course I didn’t do it myself. I am still thankful to the Feng Shui Garden, the people who run it, the judges, the models and the audience. The gorgeous garden just outside of the capital Paramaribo was the perfect setting and the rest just fell into place. Photos of the event and the winner.

This last month, I finally started working on what I’ve been contemplated doing all year: redesigning Going-Natural.com to be more of a social network. It’s still in the works but feel free to take a look. Feedback is welcome: going-natural.com

All in all not a bad year. Now I have two wishes left for this year.

As it seems harder to reach my audience now via email, I hope you can add my email to your address book so it doesn’t end up unread in one of gmails obnoxious boxes.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you support my crowdfunding to launch FromUsByUs.com, the marketplace for Black Hair Products and Naturalista Fashion. Please check it out and donate $10 if you can. I would truly appreciate it: https://BlackFollicles.com.

Thanks again to all my supports, near and far. May I say, you look extra beautiful on my supporters’ wall. Please check yourself out! Happy Holidays and see you next year!

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