Natural Hair Stories

Personal Stories about Going Natural
Every head has a story. As women of the world we have the prerogative to at least one hairstyle-gone-terribly-bad.
Most of the time we don’t even have the slightest idea what we do to our dear follicles that we adore let alone be aware that we abuse them.
So since the beginning of this community we asked members to share their story. Sharing is caring.
Some of us went natural because our hair was coming out, some just wanted a change of style and others just had enough of the whole process of relaxing.
Our reasons for going-natural may sound the same in general but every transitioning is personal and different.
To read the about the different experiences is encouraging and inspiring, so be our guest and read the stories.

Long locs styled

Need professional photos for your portfolio?

Are you an aspiring model in need of professional photos or a hairstylist who needs photos of her outstanding hairdos? Then I got great news for you! I am doing a photo shoot on Saturday October 19 at L’Atelier Raif in Brooklyn. All you need to be is photo shoot ready. This means, you need …

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How to detangle 4C natural hair without ripping your strands

Since it is inevitable for lively coils to intertwine, we need to know how to correctly untangle our hair strands. Detangling natural hair becomes an art that one needs to master for the sake of healthy strands. The art of detangling will allow you to untie knots without damaging or breaking hair strands. It will …

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karen's natural hairstyle

Karen Lynne

The hardest part, for me, about going natural was acceptance from loved ones-especially my hubby. I did my first BC in 2009, and truth be told, the look of shock and disappointment on my DH face and his comments really hurt me. Even though I liked it and received compliments from others, I felt unattractive …

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