The Menstrual Cup, Reusable pads or Sea Sponge Tampons?

Solutions for that time of the month

With all the stories about bleach and other harmful chemicals being so close to our reproductive organs every month during our periods, I’ve been looking into alternatives solutions for years.

sea sponge honey comb

First, I tried organic pads. Don’t ask me what brand. It was years ago, a brand available at the food coop I was a member of.

Then I also tried organic tampons. The organic pads were not hmm let’s say super comfortable but the organic tampons were an absolute no-no for me. Getting them in was not smooth at all, you could feel them throughout the day and they would fill up very quickly and leak even if my flow was not that heavy.

Of course there is also the Menstrual Cup but for some reason it never really appealed to me. It seemed like you needed to practice and learn a certain way to put in the medical silicone made cup or it would leak. I probably make it sound more complicated than it is but it was just not for me.

Same with the reusable pads made of bamboo. Of course these are still better than the conventional ones because they don’t contain harmful chemicals which is just much better for our reproductive organs but it is the same as pads. I have been wearing pads all of my life so I’d prefer a non-pad solution. These also need an extra kind of care and organization for storing and washing that was just a bit too much for me.

Then finally, I came across the sea sponge tampons. This to me was a complete, yes! Yes, I want to try this. Here is why.

Using Sea Sponges as Tampons seemed like the most natural solution to me. Not only are sponges super absorbent naturally, they can take on any form so we can make them into a natural fit for our own body.

Additionally, the sponges are naturally organic, bio degradable and perfectly part of the eco-system. When divers harvest them, they leave a little piece so the sponge can continue to grow.

So for those of you who want to try any of these solutions or even all of them, they are available in one place so you can easily make your choice.

The best solutions of all alternative options are available in the new Fem Gem Shop.

From the softest menstrual sponges of the highest quality harvested from the Mediterranean sea to the reusable super absorbent bamboo pads and the menstrual pad.

diva cup Menstrual cup  reusable menstrual pads

Want to give them a try?

Here is what you should know if you want to try any of these  alternatives.

To keep it real, I am starting with a con of the fact that Sea sponge tampons are reusable. Reusable is great but that means you need to wash your sea sponge tampons, menstrual cup or pads to reuse them. Not everyone is keen on this so be aware that if blood eeks you out, maybe it’s not for you. Other than that, I know of only pros.

♡ Natural ♡ Hypoallergenic ♡ Ultra Comfortable ♡ Easy to Use

♡ Convenient ♡ Cost-Saving ♡ Earth Friendly ♡ Renewable Resource

For more info about eco-friendly products visit My Eco Flow.


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