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Natural Hairstyle by Meko NY; Conrrows in an updo

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Unfortunately I missed the grand opening of Meko New York Hair and Spa Boutique in Orange NJ on October 17. It is quite a ride from Brooklyn but it was worth a while because owner Simeko Watkins-Hartley explained to me that they specialize in more than natural hairstyling.

Natural Hairstyle by Meko NY; Conrrows in an updoShe is all about healthy hair care. She consciously came to the decision after her experience with a stylist who claimed to be a specialist in healthy hair care. Simeko, an experienced and trained beautician herself, allowed this woman to glue a weave on her just relaxed scalp with burns and bruises. That is why she says, we need to be educated about our roots and learn to speak up.

Horrified by her experience but impressed by her passion, understanding and knowledge, I decided to put my head in the hands Meko New York Hair and Spa Boutique when they invited me to do a book signing. The best way to deal with such a horrendous experience is to share it with others so that they don’t make the same mistake and turn it into something even greater by educating the world about it.

Simeko suggested their signature Cornrowed Updo and I don’t know if you’ve seen this style before but I had and I was absolutely looking forward to getting my hair styled. The one thing I always like to do myself though is washing my hair. This is not only to cut the time I will spend in a salon but also because I have absolutely mastered washing my hair in no time with the products I swear by: the Olive Soap and the Detox Conditioner. These products improved my strands’ condition in the worst of times but that’s another post.

I felt instantly at home at Meko’s. It’s a beautiful cozy inviting environment that absolutely allows you to relax and feel at ease. After a warm welcome and a bit of chit chat, I was ready to get my style on. When Simeko herself started to give me a head massage, I didn’t want her to stop. In the mean time I was asked tons of questions, which I really liked. We talked a lot about hair and I felt that in this environment you could share even your worst hair sorrows. No need for shame. Everybody understood, better yet, they would find a way to help.

So, not only was I more than happy with the service, as you can see, I was also more than happy with the style. The tiny cornrows, so elegantly braided give me a look I never had before. To make a consistent roll, hair was added and twisted, in the center of my head where the cornrows come together. All I can say is these will be Happy Holidays!

Style: Signature style of Meko New York Hair & Spa Boutique
Price: $150
Lasts: 4 to 6 weeks

Meko New York Hair & Spa Boutique
616 Freeman Street
Orange, NJ 07050           
Phone: (862) 438-8630


My hair is naturally frizzy so I should have allowed the salon to blow dry my hair. I feel that if I had the style would last longer than it will now. For maintenance, I tie my hair whenever I lay down with a silk scarf. To keep my scalp moisturized, I spray with the Scalp Conditioning spray.

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