An updo for Natural hair

natural hair updo

An updo has many advantages in general but especially for natural hair.You hardly have to worry about a collapsing hairdo as one of the great things about our tresses is that it naturally stands up as some explain to connect with a higher power. 

natural hair updoAnother advantage of a natural hair updo is that you hardly have to worry about sweating it out like you do with a permed, flat ironed or even a twist out hairstyle. As I mentioned before my very first twist out was a messed up fro by the end of a night out. I didn’t have a clue about natural hair back then and products like the Curl Keeper were non existent.

So the best thing about an updo for me is that this is one natural hair style where you really don’t have to worry about messing it up. We know this can be quite important. Not only if you have an formal event to go to but even if you are going on a first date or just a party where you know there is going to be great music and you know you will be dancing.

With an updo like this one you can eliminate the worrying about your hair. You can thoroughly enjoy any party by simply focusing on your moves and the great people around you without even thinking about natural hair. Are you with me?

So here are the instructions for this hairdo. You need:

  • Big wild natural hair, the bigger the better

  • Hair Pins

  • Soft brush

  • Gel or Curl Keeper

natural hair updonatural hair updonatural hair updo

Step 1. Take down your hair
Combing or brushing your hair out is optional. I often to this after a twist out I like to use the crinkles in the front to create the style so I don’t comb my hair out. However, if you like to have a more straightened look you can comb out your hair then brush it so you’ll have crinkled but straight updo.

Step 2. Roll it
Take the sides of your hair, bring it all to the back and make a roll starting down, going up. You may need to give it a few tries before you get it right but once you do, take a hair pin to pin the roll in place. Pin nr.1 is the best to use for this purpose. Use as many pins as you like, as long as you get the hair in place the way you like it to. Watch the video below to see what I mean. Sorry about the quality but I hope you get to see the roll.

Step 3. Take a look
Now take a look as to how you like your updo. Do you want the sides completely laying down flat or you like a little natural hair bulk. You can do either one. It’s your choice see what look you like best on you. Use hair pins to keep your strands in place if neccessary.

Step 4. Be creative!
So this is the part where you can get loose. How high do you want your updo? Do you like it to the left, right or straight to the back. Be creative, use your imagination, just try everything although you may find it hard to choose. Once you made your choice though, take another pin to keep your style in place. This time use the third type pin and use as many as it takes. Just make sure to add them “invisibly” so not every body can see them. You want your updo to look as natural as possible.

Step 5. Accessorize!
This is the fun part. You did all the hard work now it’s time for the cherry on the cake. Find accessories that match your style and the event. I like to use the center pins. They are available in the NappShop now just in case you were going to ask me, where can I get them? I like to use 3 in the front and 3 in the back but let me know what works for you.


natural hair updonatural hair updo


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