Taking care of Box Braids, Crochet Braids and Weaves

Kinky Twist Extensions

It definitely takes time to get them in but once done extensions are a breeze to care for. You can keep them in for at least 8 weeks and during this time it’s very unlikely to have a bad hair day.

Kinky Twist Extensions for Black Hair Those are not the only reasons why extensions are so popular for women who are going natural. The fact that length doesn’t have to be compromised while transitioning is probably an even more important factor.

What also makes braids popular is the low maintenance. Compared to any other style but the very short natural, extensions are the easiest to care for. Unfortunately that leads to some completely neglecting their own tresses during the time they wear extensions. Needles to say that this is a big mistake. If your goal is to have healthy tresses after removing the extensions you better start taking care of your hair right away.

To minimize buildup wash your hair at least once a week with a clear, pH balanced and preferably herbal shampoo. Don’t use a conditioning shampoo. The shampoo from our Web Shop is perfectly qualified to use for extensions, box braids, crochet braids and weaves because it doesn’t leave residue. The Going Natural Herbal shampoo stimulates the scalp while washing off dust and dirth.

Let your hair air dry after washing. Sleeping on wet extensions can cause odor and mildew.

No conditioners
One mistake that many women make is to use conditioners while wearing extension. Although conditioners are a must for natural hair care you shouldn’t be using them while wearing braids. Most conditioners are designed to coat the hair and are not easy to be rinsed out completely.

So if you use conditioners when you have extensions in, it’s very likely that they will leave residue. The residue accumulates at the root of the braid and hardens after a while leaving braids stiff and inflexible. This can cause flaking and may even result in hair breakage.

Oils and spritzes
Natural oils and spritzes are really the best products to use when you wear extensions. Oils will keep your hair moisturized and the extensions flexible.

Use oils after washing while the hair is still damp. The Roller Braid is perfect for braid care. These natural oils will not only keep your hair soft and moisturized for a week. The pure Argan also known as miracle oil, will nourish your strands.

Hair Spritz
Spritzes are also perfect for extension care. They are usually water based herbal extracts that you can spay on your hair and scalp without leaving residue. Use them any time your hair feels dry.

Tip: Does your scalp feel itchy?
Heb je last van jeuk op de hoofdhuid? Try the Scalp Conditioning Spray. Spray it at night, tie a scarf before going to bed and feel relieved the next day. A slice of cucumber can also ease itching.

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