Good Hair Styles

The versatility of Natural hair.

Before Hairstyle

A different style

Before & After African hair is uniquely versatile. Limited only by your own creativity, natural coils allow you to change up your look spectacularly without the need for a drastic hair cut or even color treatment.  Here is an example. It’s an afro mo-hawk slash Rihanna do. What do you think?


    Taking Cornrows to the next level Cornrows is a typical African-American name for these close-to-the-scalp braid styles that originated in Africa centuries ago. As the name suggests, probably named after the similarity of orderly rows of corn on the cob.

Step 1 in Creating Big Fro

How to make a Fro

  Never thought that I would be the one to tell people how to make a fro, but I was asked this question “How do you do that?” so many times, that I decided to this demonstration. It’s no rocket science, just free your naps and use your hands and fingers to style your fro.