Simple wrap with a Pangi, a traditional Maroon wrap

Headwrap with Suriname Pangi

After reading the essays of the contestants of ANNM 2013 for challenge 6, I realized that I never did a blog about my all time favorite wrap that I wore all summer. It is a simple wrap but what makes it super special it I used a Pangi. A Pangi is a traditional Maroon wrap. It is hand made with different patterns that often symbolize something in their culture. 

 Headwrap with Suriname PangiI’ve always been fascinated with the Suriname maroon culture. The proud people of Suriname who ran away from the plantages to build their own communities. Not only did they manage to keep most their traditions on a complete foreign continent, they were able to build such affluent communities that would outsmart violent white plantation owners any time. The motherland Holland had to sent trained armed troops to intimidate and fight the maroons because they refused to send their people who made it to their communites back to the plantations because they knew what their fate would be.

The colorful symbols and pangis are just a few things that carry the story of the maroons from Suriname. So without further ado, here is my simple headwrap.







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