Changing women and the Big Chop, Dutch Diaspora Films

On November 3rd, I had the honor to moderate a panel at DBUFF, the Da Bounce Urban Film Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. DBUFF, celebrating its 5th anniversary, featured 35 movies from Black directors. One weekend long an audience could enjoy a wide variety of films from Hollywood to independent productions covering themes from racism …

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Dreadlocks and Cornrows banned

Dreadlocks and cornrows are banned for men at this HBU/MBA. I can imagine that since long hair isn’t appropriate for men in the workplace that long dreadlocks wouldn’t be part of the business dresscode either but how about just short locs? Remember “Kyle Barker?

Black man with natural hair in cornrows

Cornrows: So misunderstood

Some of the things that people choose to do with their personal appearance will drive us to personal prejudice and even evoke negative emotions. For example: facial and neck tattoos, piercings of the lip, nose and brow are probably decades away from mainstream acceptance. Hairstyles such as a Mohawk cut, spiked wedges, the

Twisted Cornrows

Twisted Cornrows styled by:Tameeka Although I am a DIY-er for the most part, there is no denying that a stylist can really take your look to the next level. Tameeka whom I met back in 2003 is one such a stylist. More than a stylist, she calls herself a Natural Hair Care Specialist.