natural hair updo

An updo for Natural hair

An updo has many advantages in general but especially for natural hair.You hardly have to worry about a collapsing hairdo as one of the great things about our tresses is that it naturally stands up as some explain to connect with a higher power. 

natural hairstyle updo

Stylish Braided Updo

With all the twists and turns in this design, you’ll be sure to get lots of attention. This look is created using sharp lines and a repeating criss cross pattern with the rows int he back. On the sides, the model sports corn rows that curve along her heads natural bend, complementing her facial structure.

Natural hairstyle - Twisted loced updo

Twisted Updo

Perfect for long locs, but adaptable for short locs, this jolly jamboree on your head boldly yet elegantly looks appropriate for any holiday occasion. The red on the first few rows of locs complements many a holiday celebration.

Loced Updo

Perfect for weddings or other formal events, this new age do takes two rows of locs across the front portion of your head and twirls them into three swirls. These sections are then pinned to a magnificent updo which resembles curled pipe cleaners, twisted and coiled around one another with in an unpredictable flair. A …

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