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Black Hair Afro
Black Hair Afro
Black Hair Afro

After taking out the loc extensions, I pampered my hair with a Hair & Scalp Detox Treatment to thoroughly get rid of all possible buildup and give my strands a serious boost. Then I proceeded with the next steps.



While my hair was still damp I started to part my hair using the back of a rattail comb. Once I had a manageable part sectioned, I clipped away the rest of the hair. Then I added a little Silky Shea Hair Butter to the needles of my Tangle Teezer and started brushing the ends of my hair working my way up.

By adding Silky Shea to the needles of the Tangle Teezer before brushing, I made sure the butter is going to spread equally over the section and that it will be absorbed by the strands.

After I finished brushing, I made a loose twist of the part. I repeated the steps until all my hair was in loose twists so I could let it air dry easily.

When my hair was dry I went to a stylist to get some basic cornrows. The reason I did this is because I myself am not very good in cornrowing my hair but I wanted cornrows for this special occasion. Cornrows stretch afro hair to the max and I wanted a maximum stretch to be able to clearly see the effect of the Silky Shea hair butter. 

Silky Shea Hair Butter

I ended up wearing the cornrows for a week, six days longer than I expected. I am glad I did because I noticed that my hair wasn’t nearly as frizzy as it used to be when I wear cornrows. The hair butter was clearly keeping the frizz down.

When the time came to style my hair, I used my finger tips and nails to loosen up the ends. Once the end was loose I kept on going until the braid was completely out. After each cornrow was taken out completely I started to brush the part out with a Tangle Teezer and a little bit of Silky Shea Hair Butter on the needles. This is to protect my strands when my hair is out.

After brushing out a part making sure it was well moisturized, I clipped the part away from the other cornrows. I repeated these steps until all the cornrows were out.

I had one huge afro when all the cornrows were out. To change my style up a little, I used an old clip to keep my hair together in the back while leaving the front out.

Black Hairstyle Afro - Back View

My advice? Do try this at home. If you can provide clean, healthy nappy strands, all you really need are the Silky Shea Hair Butter and the Tangle Teezer.


Black hair with Silky Shea Hair Butter


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Silky Shea Hair Butter

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