Curly Twist Out Cream

Afro Curls Hairstyle
Afro Curls Hairstyle
Afro Curls Hairstyle

Year of the CURLS!Curly Twist out Cream 
This new Curly Twist Out Hair Milk is clearly designed with an understanding of African coils. It adds a whole new dimension to the versatility of natural hair. Now, even if you’d get bored with your fro, braids or twists this amazing new Curly Twist Out Hair Milk helps you to create a variety of curls. The best thing about it is that is it’s as easy as one two three to get beautiful maintainable ringlets. If last year was the year of the afro and braids, the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk will turn 2009 into the year of the easy curls.

Freshly Washed Natural Hair

Easy curls
There is no product like the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk. This exceptional crème makes natural hair styling much easier. It says goodbye to dry coils forever and even if you have hardly dealt with natural hair you will be able to create nice smooth curls with this Crème. All you need to know is how to untangle kinky hair and twist it. You don’t need tools like a hot comb or a blow dryer. The whole process is even easier than putting rollers in your hair.

The Curly Twist Out Hair Milk works best on damp to wet hair so start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. It’s best to do this before you go to bed so your hair can dry overnight. Hair With Curling Creme

  • Divide your damp hair into 10 to 12 manageable parts. A manageable part is one that fits in the palm of your hand so it’s easy to handle and untangle.
  • Add an ample amount of Curly Twist Out Hair Milk to one section and comb or brush it trough your hair. (You will notice ringlets and coils already)   
  • When your hair is completely free of tangles and  saturated with Crème, twist the section.   
  • Repeat the above steps so that all the parts in twists.  

Let your hair completely dry then unravel the twists and viola you’ll have a bunch of beautiful shiny ringlets and coils!

Don’t use a comb, just finger style your hair and shape with your hands until you are satisfied with your style.

You don’t have to repeat the whole process to maintain your curls. You don’t even have to saturate your hair. Just twist it at night with a little bit of water and a tiny bit of  Curly Twistout Hair Cream where needed.

With the  Curly Twistout Hair Cream coils are even easier to maintain than straightened hair. You don’t need heat or a curling iron. Your twists are your rollers. They are much more convenient to sleep on. Use a satin scarf to protect your hair and your strands will be thankful.

Also watch  Video of an easy Twist Out and A Twist Out with 4c Natural Hair.


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