braid locs or micro locs

My Braid locs

One of the reasons I choose for braid locs is because I think it’s the easiest way to start locs. My hair is naturally frizzy, so single twists were out of the question but even two strand twists would be hard to manage. Another reason is that I wanted micro locs.

Do Micro-sized Locs Damage Fragile Hair?

 As noted on my natural hair website, “Fragile, thin natural hair has flourished in Sisterlocks.  If the hair is not cared for properly, it will break, regardless if you have Sisterlocks, traditional locs or loose hair.  No.  Sisterlocks’ small size really are the perfect style for thin-haired naturals.  By Terez Howard

Locs for the Holidays

Perfect for a formal holiday occasion, this sculpted updo looks lovely on a long head of locs. The intricacy, pattern and texture of this hairdo give it a distinctive panache. If you want a hair style that elegantly screams chic, glam and urbane, this loced updo is the one for you.