A Simple Yet Bold look for Locs and Natural Heads

What Naturals Love Headwraps

While there are many beautiful, intricate styles for locs and natural hair, adding a bold, beautiful scarf and some big, banging earrings to the mix can give you a simple yet bold look. Our featured style of the week comes from @mimicherisme (on Instagram) of Daytona Beach, Florida. She was kind enough to share her loc journey and where she found her beautiful head wrap and earrings:

“I colored and installed my own micro locs using the interlock method and have a total of 518 locs. My installation was in December, so my locs are still new and haven’t matured yet. They are three months old. I got my wrap and earrings from an African pop-up shop during Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week.”

Like Mimi, you can change up your look and go for bolder, brighter colors for the spring and summer months, and it’s simpler than you think:

Where to find Beautiful Head Wraps

First, check out The colorful head wraps at WhatNaturalsLove.com where you’ll find beautiful African head wraps and accessories to purchase. Also, be sure to visit our Facebook Page facebook.com/goingnatural11 a natural hair page and minority-owned business that discusses all things natural and promotes small minority-owned businesses. It also keeps you updated on various marketplaces and goods and services offered that may be of interest to you. Finally, keep an eye out for what is happening in your own community. Search online for African popup shops coming to your area. Check out the vendors coming to your local festivals or special events and support your local small businesses.

Add some color

Are you ready to wash away the winter blues and rejuvenate your spirit with a splash of color for your locs this spring and summer? Go for it! If you don’t want permanent color, no worries. There are many temporary hair dyes (or hair paint) on the market (like hairpaintwax.com) that are easy to apply and will stay on your hair until you wash it out. More importantly, they are safe to use. Hair paints are a great way to test out as many colors as you want while you decide what color(s) is the right one for you without the permanent commitment.

Whatever you decide, remember that simple can be bold with just a splash of color. Check out other Head Wraps: Head wraps: Past, present, and future


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