Rapper King Zino tried the Organic Shampoo Bombs on his 10 year old locs

Rapper King Zino tried the Organic Shampoo Bombs on his 10 year old locs

Trying Organic Shampoo Bombs on his 10 year old locs : If you are still on the fence about trying the amazing What Natural’s Love Organic Shampoo Bombs for Locs and Natural Hair, here is another product review. Not just by anyone but from King Zino upcoming rapper from the Netherlands.

Living in the small city of Delft, in his last semester of his study Security in Den Haag, our loc brother Zino who is also a Rapper was eager to try the Organic Shampoo Bomb on his locs. He tried the lemon grass shampoo bomb. Using the At Home Hair & Scalp Spa Basin for Locs, Braids and Natural Hair, Zino filled his basin with warm to hot water, added the lemon grass organic shampoo bomb, and then laid back for an amazing cleansing experience! He soaked his locs for forty minutes and then rinsed his locs in the shower. Zino was very satisfied with his results. He said his locs were left smelling fresh, feeling soft and moisturized, and his loctician of eight years also commented that his locs were ‘cleaner than they’ve ever been!’

What makes these Bombs special is not only that they are organic, they are handmade to deep clean your hair, add moisture and shine to Locs or loose Natural Hair strands.

Organic Shampoo Bombs for Locs and Natural Hair

More than the usual Baking Soda and Citric Acid, the combination what we use to detox and deep cleanse our hair, additional ingredients are added to make the balls perfect. Epsom Salt to soften hair, remove oil and build up and replenish your hair and scalp with minerals they are missing.

Also added are organic essential oils for healing properties and scent. Food coloring is only to distinguish the difference scents.

Remember, you don’t have to have locs to enjoy the experience of our organic shampoo bombs! These shampoo bombs are for all hair types and styles. If the corona-virus still has your local spas, barber and beauty shops closed or if you don’t feel ready to go back to them, you can always pamper yourself at home with our Hair & Scalp Spa Basin and Organic Shampoo Bombs.

You can listen to King Zino’s latest hit at Spottify: She links me.


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