Product Review – Organic Shampoo Bombs on my Locs by Kim Reed

Organic Shampoo Bombs reviewed by Kim Reed

Have you tried our amazing, deep cleaning Organic Shampoo Bombs for locs? If not, what are you waiting for?

Our fellow loc sister Kim Reed recently reviewed What Natural’s Love Organic Shampoo Bombs for locs and natural hair. Kim has traditional locs and has been locked for 13 years. These wonderful shampoo bombs can be used on all locs – traditional, micro, sisterlocks and free-form locs but also on natural hair. They come in four wonderfully pleasing scents: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass and Lavender. Kim chose the Lemon Grass scented shampoo bomb, and she can attest to how fabulous they smell! Just watch her testimony.

These organic shampoo bombs can be used as a deep cleaning detox or a hair and scalp treatment so once you rinse it out you are done. No shampoo or conditioner needed. Your hair will feel soft and moisturized without any additional products and it will shine.

Kim chose to use the shampoo bomb as a quick treatment for her scalp and hair. She dissolved part of the shampoo bomb in some warm water and then funneled the mixture into a spray bottle to spray generously onto her scalp and hair. Using a plastic shopping bag (in case you don’t have a shower cap) she covered her locs and let the mixture work it’s magic for about an hour. After rinsing it out she towel dried and immediately saw how clean her locs looked, how soft they felt and how great they smelled!

For a deep cleaning detox, you can fill your sink or the at home hair and scalp spa basin with hot water and add a shampoo bomb to the water and then put your locs in it and let it soak for as long as possible. However you choose to use our organic shampoo bombs, you are guaranteed to have clean, soft and lovely smelling locs.

Whether you have locs or natural click to get a free Organic Shampoo Bomb.


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