Happy Thanksgiving Hair Gifts on Black Friday Sale


Besides family, love and health, happy hair is one more thing to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your gratitude with gifts that will only reciprocate love and make your hair flourish. Best of all, all of these gifts are shipped to your for free.

Easy Foam Rollers

Whether you rock your 4C natural hair or locs the one thing you need this season are these foam rollers to get your curls on!

They are super easy to use, heat resistant, super soft, flexible, don’t pull your strands, don’t dry out your hair and best of all, you get the most amazing curls!

One pack is usually 9.99 but now you can get them for only 6.99. Click to watch the video and be convinced.

Shower head filter

Not only your hair will be thankful but so will your skin. This amazing filter prevents buildup, dry hair and itchy scalp by filtering out chlorine and other elements that are harsh to your hair and skin. What makes this shower head exceptional is the four different types of nano ceramic balls to create a healthy experience, including Germanium, Far Infrared Ray and Tourmaline;

A great gift for yourself or a loved one. It ships for free! Get the Shower Head now.

Microfiber towel

There is no better towel on this planet to dry your hair faster than this over-sized 80 x 140 cm microfiber towel. This quick drying towel is perfect to dry Locs, 4C Hair, Afro and big voluminous Curls instantly without disrupting the natural curl pattern of ones hair.

To cut your hair drying time in half just wrap your head in the towel so the hair friendly microfibers can do their job absorbing the water from your strands while you just chill.

Made from medical silicone rubber this electric waterproof scalp massager is the tool everyone who cares about their hair needs. Whether you grow your locs, 4C or 3A curls, the vibrations of this scalp massager feels healing, relaxing and soothing at the same time. Beyond that it also gets rid of an itchy scalp in the most gentle way and stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth. Get the Microfiber Towel at WhatNaturalsLove.

Electric Scalp Massager To Relieve Stress, Itches, Promote Blood Circulation And Hair Growth

And the best thing: if you suffer from an itchy scalp this is the perfect way to tackle that! It gets rid of the itches and stimulates blood circulation.Get the Electric Scalp Massager.

Oil Mister Sprayer For Afros, Braids, Locs, 4C Hair

Mister Sprayer to easily and evenly distribute oil on your strands. Whether you have an Afro, Braids, Locs, 4C Hair or big bouncy curls, this Mister Sprayer made from stainless steel, will help get your hair moisturized from root to tip.

No more endless rubbing and still skipping parts. Just fill this beautiful sprayer with any kind of liquid oil then start misting and spraying.  Your hair will thank you too! Get the oil mist sprayer at WhatNaturalsLove.com.


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