How Tineke’s Healthy Hair Spray brought my Hair Back

Braidlocs Mireille Liong

At times life is just too busy to pay attention to all the details. Even though hair is very important in what I do, I don’t always give my strands the extra care that they need. It just so happens that that might be the best thing for braidlocs.

Braidlocs treated with the Tineke's Hair Growth Spray
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The best hair care specialists, like Adenike, my loctitian, will tell you to leave your hair alone. Hair grows best when it’s left undisturbed. No pulling of combs, no manipulation of styling, just let the strands be!

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair but getting a new style every week or even every month is way too much for me.

My hair care routine is very simple, I wash, use the loc glove to quickly dry my locs and remove whatever remaining elements that don’t need to be in my hair but didn’t get rinsed out, then spray the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray. That is my routine, plain and simple.

I know that I do need to be more consistent in separating my braidlocs and spraying my hair and scalp more often. This is the feedback I get all the time and yes I am working on it.

As I’ve written before, Adenike from the Woven Wool was really surprised how well my hair was doing and that my strands were coming back before I told her my secret of using the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray.

Of course it was great to hear but I was still a bit worried. Those stringy locs coming out of my scalp during an intense time in my life left an imprint that cannot be easily forgotten.

Then yesterday I changed my facebook profile picture to a random shot, I took myself.  I just used the facebook recommendations to crop the photo and left it at that. It is when I got back to check the comments, I noticed that yes my hair was indeed filling in!

Nothing but the Tineke’s Hair Growth Spray I used. Then I thought, well maybe it’s my sister’s magic that just works for me but no.

tinekes healthy hair spray makes my hair grow!

I just got a call today of a potential client who heard only great things about the Tineke’s spray and wanted to buy it.

Customers also message me that they love the spray because it brings their hair back! One of the best was the one from Daphne from Sabine’s Hallway. She just started locing and told me I never realized how much the spray was doing until I stopped using it.

It all feels like a gift from my sister, Tineke,  to whom the spray is named after. I can only be thankful to share it with whoever needs it to grow back their hair after difficult stressful times. So if you want to try or even if you have tried it and need one more, here is the discount code for $1 off: THHS2. You can order it at Tineke’s Hair Growth Spray.

Tineke's Healthy Hair Growth Spray


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