The Summer Dress you asked about is on sale

My African Print Summer Dress

On special this week, the dress that you stopped me for to ask where I got it from. This African print Summer dress is indeed a great find. It is comfortable, colorful and perfect for nearly any event you plan to attend this summer. Whether you are curvy or non curvy, the patterns flow flawlessly alongside a female body and in combination with the vivid colors this summer dress will make you stand out. So get it now and be ready to turn heads!

Just like me, you will be stopped at least twice a day and asked where you got that dress that you have on from. All I ask in return is that you tell them! It’s on sale now from $2499 to $20. But of course there is more., is the marketplace I built to get you, as the title implies, the stuff you love. From the Moroccan Magic Dress to my accessories, you love the stuff you see and want to know where you can buy the items. Well wonder no more.

All you have to do is make sure you are subscribed so I can keep you posted about the treasures I find in the Diaspora and beyond. If you  need hair products and accessories, check out this week’s specials. The pillow cases of 100% silk and Silky Shea Hair Butter wiill not only make sure you get a great night sleep, your strands will be treated while you sleep and wakeup shining happily!  



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