One of a kind beaded handmade necklaces from Africa

Mireille Braidlocs Necklace from Kenya

The second you see these necklaces, you’ll be in awe, just like I was! The designs, the colors, the shapes. All made from the tiniest beads miticously laced together to make the one who it is designed for, feel super special. 

 Kenyan necklaceGreen Necklace from the Masia women in Kenya 

Traditionally these necklaces are created and designed as gifts for the significant moments in life like a wedding and newly born childen. So it’s far from odd to feel very special if you can get your hands on one of these. They are literally one of a kind. 

Handmade by Kenyan women, creating beaded jewelry is a high art ingrained in Masai culture. To celebrate their traditions, girls start to learn to lace beads as children. Each color represents a part of their living: the white colored beats are milk which is fundamental for their survival. 

Lamin vendor of African Art
Lamin on the right with one of the women who creats the necklaces the necklaceses

The beads vibrantly colorful can uplift any outfit which makes it super hard to choose. Each and every necklace is a piece of art. Luckily Lamin, the store owner has many more designs and colors. On his travels to collect African art this African vendor devoped relationships accrss all of Africa and also with one of the women in Kenya who makes these pieces. 

Lamine’s store is now open. That means you can order whatever you like,  24 hours a day. Please visit and share if you like what you see. The store is at

Having choice is great but not always that easy. It was so hard to choose one out of so many necklaces that I had to asked my facebook followers to help me choose. Feel free to watch the video and see if you agree. 

mireille locs necklace kenya


mireille locs necklace2 kenya


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