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What Men really think about Natural Hair
A while ago when a was still very active on napturality’s forum there was a discussion about Black men and natural hair. Whether they liked it or not, preferred only a certain kind of natural or only if it was a certain length.
It was certainly and interesting and lively debate but in all honesty the men were missing. So could it be that it was all just our perception?
Although the post were fascinating we thought it we also needed to hear the other perspective and what way better to then to hear it straight from the men themselves?
So off we went and asked men on several boards and online platforms if we could pick their brain on the topic of Natural Hair and if they wanted to answer a few questions about it.
Let us know what you think after you read their responses.

Black Man with naural hair

TK Robinson

  I have thick black hair and I like them as it adds charisma to my personality.The benefit which coarse hair is that you can weave them easily which brings another style statement to the personality. The crowd won’t disagree with the added style quotient and the prominence that the hair posses.

lack men about Going Natural and Black Hair Issues

Shaun Covinton

Your hair can define who you are and what kind of mind set you’re in. I’ve chosen to rock out with the dreads because one, I’ve tried everything else and I feel dreads are very empowering to own especially for a black man.

Actor C.T. Taylor

C.T. Taylor

Hair to be is an extension of yourself, its on of the few things you can change dramatically on your body in a short period of time. A woman’s hair to me is important, I like long straight hair cause I got a problem with my hands. 🙂

Black man with natural hair in cornrows

Cornrows: So misunderstood

Some of the things that people choose to do with their personal appearance will drive us to personal prejudice and even evoke negative emotions. For example: facial and neck tattoos, piercings of the lip, nose and brow are probably decades away from mainstream acceptance. Hairstyles such as a Mohawk cut, spiked wedges, the