David Hamilton White

Going Natural Black Hairstyles
Going Natural Black Hairstyles
Going Natural Black Hairstyles

Name: David Hamilton White

Occupation: Heavy Duty Cleaner


Who is your Favorite model?

Chuck Ryan Strogish

What is your favorite book?
Common sense: Thomas Paine

What is your favorite movie?
All action movies

Why did you become a model and what is your goal as a model?                                                                            

I became a model because I loved taking pictures and I always had the body to do it so I tried something new and jumped into it and haven’t stopped. I just want my name to be everywhere and photos everywhere.

How important is your hair as a model? Why do you choose to wear your hair the way you do?

My hair is very important to me. I love my black history of my ancestors the way they wore their hair. It gives me a distinctive look from everyone else.


Going Natural Black Hairstyles

Photo from Model Mayhem

What does your hair mean to you? Is it just an accessory that compliments your personality and style or is it deeper than that?

The way I feel about my hair is deep. I love it styled it makes me look different when its Styled in different designs.

How important is a woman’s hair to you? Does a weave, relaxed hair or a natural head bother you or do you have a preference for either of these styles?

I don’t care what a woman has in her head, either way she’s beautiful. To me a woman’s hair doesn’t make me throw a judgment towards her because of the texture. All women are different that’s what make women unique.

Do you feel that Black Hair is an issue? Why or Why not?

I believe its an issue in certain aspects of life depending on the persons lifestyle,occupation etc. From my personal experience with my hair…I have no problem with my hair, personally. I have a lot of maintenance done to my hair and treat it with special herbs that helps keep it strong.


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