Going Natural Diaries: Charli G Slater


Charli G Slater is a Tennis Instructor, Model and an Actor, who resides in Miami Florida. As we all know the natural hairstyles is becoming a huge trend on our black culture, especially among women. However there are men that exists that loved and embraces the look of being natural, Charli G Slater is one of those men that learned to be proud of what is naturally his; this is his going natural diary.  




1)How Important is my hair as a man?

I have to admit it is much easier dealing with hair when it comes to being a man than it is being a woman. A guy can have the same hairstyle his whole life and it’s seen as normal. Most people expect a woman to change her hair at some point in time.

2) Have I ever had curly hair, a relaxer or dreads? Why 

I thought about growing my hair for about 5yrs or so and then relaxing it to have this long ponytail that made me look Indian. Most people say my look changes so much already.  I’ve been told I look Indian, African, Blatino and etc…. I have tried dreads but the beginning process doesn’t work well with my profession as a tennis player and coach. I sweat a lot daily so if you are familiar with dreads and the start up process then you feel my pain. I’ve tried different styles because if you don’t try them how will you know what fits you best.

3) Why do I choose to wear my hair the way it is now? 

I am an individual who has to have some hair on their head. I have a mini afro at the moment and I love it. It’s convenient and fits my personality. I had almost 3 times the amount of hair I have now about a month ago. However, I had to cut it for a role.

4) What does my hair mean to me? Is it an accessory that compliments my personality or is it deeper? 

My hair means a lot to me. It is 1 of the few things I can change about myself whenever I want to. It allows me to express myself. I’ve had Mohawks, twist, an afro and even went bald. I’ve tried many hair styles but you feel different and like a new person with each of them. 

5) Was I ever ashamed of my hair or think the guy with the curly hair had a better shot with women.

I always thought when younger other people’s hair was so much more convenient and looked better. You would always hear people say “ Ew he has good hair”, while referring to a softer curl in a guys hair. While “Ew you need to come your nappy hair”, was seen as negative.

6) How important is a woman’s hair to me? Does it matter if she wears weave, relaxers or natural hair?

I personally don’t have a preference to how a woman’s hair is. As long as they take care of it, keep it healthy and feel comfortable with the style they have its fine with me. However, I must say it takes a bold and brave woman to wear her hair natural. Not every woman can do it. 

7) Black men don’t like women with natural hair some woman believe. What do I think?

I wouldn’t say they don’t like woman with natural hair but I would say they might be slightly intimidated at first. Most women with natural hair appear to have strong personalities and be deep rooted in culture. Some men might feel they don’t want to be that serious about life or their friends and/or mate to be so strong willed. I definitely think it’s an intimidation factor. 

8) Do I think black hair is an issue? Why or Why not?

I don’t think it should be made an issue but unfortunately at times it is. Dreads on a man are looked down upon. I also know a case were a model was perfect for a job they just didn’t like her dreads.  I think we have to do a better job of representing ourselves and being so on point they can’t say no to us. It’s going to be a long road but I think natural hair will prevail.

9) What do I think of the natural hair movement and what is my message to Black woman when it comes to hair?

I definitely have noticed that more people woman especially have gone natural. The movement is very real.  As for a black woman when it comes to her hair I say do whatever truly makes you happy!

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