Head Wraps

Fabulous Head Wraps
Learn and be inspired by Headwraps that are part of African cultures throughout the world.

Aso Oke Headwrap

Aso Oke Fabric

One of the most common fabrics used for Gele by African women is Aso Oke, which is pronounced ah-SHOW-kay. Aso Oke originated in Nigeria, from the Yoruba people who live in the southern part of the country. This intricate fabric has a long history of use in traditional African clothing, and is still popular today …

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Going Natural Head wrap

The Gele

Photo by Ade AdetayoWhile the Gele today is a modern accessory for women to wear when they wish to dress up an outfit or celebrate an occassion, the elaborate headscarves worn by African women for hundreds of years were a statement and a cultural symbol of their station in life. If you’re going to rock …

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natrual hair wrap

Yellow Wrap

Whether you like to protect your hair against winter cold or summer heat, this simple wrap will not only help you out, it will make you look lovely and stylish at the same time. All you need is a bright scarf or cloth of about 70 by 20 inches. 

Wrap your hair in Glitter

How do I shine through the fabric?  This is similar to the saying, “…wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you”.  When instruction is ambiguous, I fall back on what I know will work for me.  At times, it is difficult to know what expectations are for certain shoots.

The Knotty Truth

After looking at and trying several different methods and ways to tie a head wrap I decided to create my own design, which I call the “Knotty T”. My design is shaped by wrapping the hair and creating a series of knots that lead to a cascading waterfall of tassels in the front.

Vee’s natural Head Wrap

And on days when you can’t do your usual funky styles, or you don’t have a lot of time, OR maybe just having a “bad” hair day, guess what?  With a beautifully colored scarf and a little creativity, you can still be fabulous and unique!

Head wrap for the holidays

Headwraps for the Holidays

Everybody has a bad hair day and sometimes you simply don’t have the time to work on your hair-do. These are the times you most likely think about wearing a wrap. However, you can also dress up your look with a very impressive and fashionable headwrap.

Head wrap instructions

The Art of Headwraps

Almost every culture wraps their hair in cloth of some fashion. Headwraps have a long and varied history. You will find that almost every culture wraps their hair in cloth of some fashion. In any American city you can easily see black women walking about sporting various styles of headwraps . Where did this tradition begin?