African inspired head wrap

African American Headwraps

On this earth I walk as a woman of African decent and ancient wise-ways. I dance on the currents of the ethereal realm wearing a bold sky-high fro till my heart’s content. Adorned in a hair-glow of honor,

African American Headwrap

I exemplify the nappy-haired ancient ones. Heads turn, children stare and I smile to myself as I recall the sistahs who wore the fros like flags for African pride, justice, equality and liberation.

Respect to Angela Davis.Later, Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Cicely Tyson, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Erykah Badu and all of my contemporary, coily reflections would wear the crown. My afro is quite the beauty accessory I choose lately.Black is beautiful. Heads nod and heads bow, contemplating advancement for the black collective. Through our eyes, we acknowledge similar interest, shared values, culture, blessings and Hetep-peace. We embrace images of self and kind, ancient reflections, nine ether beings. Call out to our ancestors, we remember, we recall. I stand strong, the woman with the essence of wind, lavender, lemongrass and sage in her hair.

I harness the moon and enjoy the best of both worlds, floating into the coming seasons with my divine connection to the spirit world, linking me to the seen and unseen. At my choosing, I’m veiled in waist length locs scented with the tantalizing fragrances of ylang-ylang and sandalwood. I wear an Ankh necklace and ring. Many gifts of sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones are interwoven with artistic grace in my locs, to protect and re-charge my crown. I pay eternal homage to the ancient ones, lovingly representing ‘happy to be nappy’ with deep passion, open acceptance and self and pride.They told me I was made in Khamet from jasmine flowers, yellow, turquoise and the greens of spring and summer. I remember, I recall, my nappy coils, casting a spell of electromagnetic love way back then. My nappy hair, my locs, my afro, looking just like they come out of Africa…. Some say my kinky, natural hair is not sensual nor is it in style. I answer saying, I love my hair and that’s the truth. My hair is of the guardian NU, homage to you O sacred one. I love my beautiful hair, to tell you the truth!

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