Vee’s natural Head Wrap


And on days when you can’t do your usual funky styles, or you don’t have a lot of time, OR maybe just having a “bad” hair day, guess what?  With a beautifully colored scarf and a little creativity, you can still be fabulous and unique!


There was a time when I wore head wraps all the time.  But honestly, I haven’t given them much thought lately.   Not until this challenge.  My interest has been renewed.

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I modeled the wrap in so many different ways, but  settled with the one which most fit my vibe for that day.  I chose a simple, sporty, yet sophisticated look.


1.  Stretch the scarf out (length-wise )in it’s entirety.

2. Place scarf over your head so that most of the fullness is in the back and nothing but your face is showing.

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3. Cross the two ends across each other in the back and bring them around to the front of your face.

4. Have the two ends to meet over the preferred ear.  I chose the right ear because I’m single.  (Same premise as how one chooses which side to place the ornamental ear-flower .

5. Tie a knot to connect the ends, then twist them completely, turning the two ends into one long rope.

6. Last, roll the twisted rope into a ball, tucking the end.

7. If not satisfied with how the scarf is framing your face, make adjustments.


8. But don’t stop here.  Play around with this scarf ,as well as others of different fabrics, lengths, textures, and  colors to come up with your own unique, funky styles.








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