Wrap your hair in Glitter

How do I shine through the fabric?  This is similar to the saying, “…wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you”.  When instruction is ambiguous, I fall back on what I know will work for me.  At times, it is difficult to know what expectations are for certain shoots.


 The rules are not always crystal clear and it is at those times when a model needs to focus in on those physical features that are uniquely special to her.  Personally, people tell me that I have a nice smile.  Instead of ignoring this compliment, I embrace it and work it!

Why try to hide your best assets?  Let them shine.

This challenge, in particular, allowed me to use accessories in different ways.  For example, I would drape a scarf around my shoulders and use hands to accentuate the delicacy of the cloth.  Using sparklilng headwraps that exuded adjectives like regal, elegant, glamorous, exciting and cosmopolitan were helpful in centering my mind on each look.  The textures, colors and styles of fabrics tell a story when a photographer might not give you any lead.  You wear the clothes and allow your inner beauty to shine through.  The materials that you wear can help your mind creatively decipher ways that will allow you to display your personality.

The eyes are also not only windows to the soul, but can lighten up or darken a photo very quickly.  Every feeling can be exuded through the eyes at various levels of intensity and as a model, one needs to be able to harness their feelings through their eyes.   I admit, this is a top goal of mine!  However, with patience and practice, it can be accomplished. 

This challenge really taught me how I want to come across in a photograph, what things work for me and what poses do not.  How do I shine through the fabric?  By putting my best foot forward and using the tools God has given me to the best of my abilities is how I shine through the fabric.

If Bob Marley and Chaka Khan had a love child and Erykah Badu was the godmother, the long-loc’ed princess would be named C.Dzen (pronounced “season”). With an island girl visage, tremendous range, vocal control and beautiful timbre, C.Dzen is the total package. Curry Flavored Neo Soul.

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