Chique Head Wrap


The fabric used in this wrap is a little stiff but not too. It’s 65% viscose, 22% polyamide and 13% polyester, 70 inches long and the width is 20.
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To make sure the scarf will smoothly wrap around your hair make sure your tresses are styled in a way too keep the them close to your scalp. Cornrows or flat twists are excellent for a this tight wrap style.

Make sure you cover your hair first with an underlying scarf that is preferably made from silk. Cotton has the tendency to absorb moisture and may dry out your hair. Once your hair is laid down under a protective scarf, the real wrapping can begin.

The whole essence of this wrap is the crossover. The trick to make sure that one end of the scarf is nicely overlapped and make it visible at the front.

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So start with one end of the scarf slightly near the center of your forehead. Going Natural Hair care

Then bring the rest of the material via the back of your head to the front again and watch when you overlap the other side.

Once you like the overlap continue to wrap to the back and again to the front, creating different layers, until you reach the end of the scarf. Make sure it is comfortably tight around the head.

If you have reached the end of the scarf and there is no more material to wrap search for a place underneath the last layer of the wrap where you can tuck in the end. Make sure it is secure. If you are not convinced use a pin. Then go in style!

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