Author name: alicia white

Candae's hair story


I’d always had beautiful, long, permed hair, and I loved it…up until I was about a junior in college. Around this time, I developed strong feelings that a short natural crop would express the sassiness and flyness in me so much accurately. I thought about it for quite some time, but I messed up when …

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Philomena Kwao – Britain’s First, Black, Plus-size Model

An excellent testimony to the fact that curves are beautiful on a woman, Philomena Kwao is a 22 year old student who has always excelled academically. She, however, did not stop there. When Excel-Models1 and Cosmopolitan began their quest for a curvy and beautiful woman, Philomena decided to give it a shot. This young model …

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Natural hair

Tosha’s Hair Story

As an African-American female the decision to wear my hair natural was a challenge, especially in Ohio because it is considered a conservative state wherein conforming to how a person should look is more accepting, for example, wearing relaxed hair or weave to land that corporate job.