Get 100% Silk Pillow Cases to save your natural hair

Silk pillowcases protect natural hair

As you probably read, sleeping on pillow cases of 100% silk make a world of difference, especially for your natural hair. No more pulling from cotton or extracting moisture from your strands mean a well deserved night of rest for your strands. Whether you are natural with 4C hair, loced or wear braids, the fact that your hair can retain moisture will not only allow your strands to be more flexible and shine, your hair will also be less prone to breakage.

So on special this week, the beautiful 100% Silk pillow cases from If you prefer satin you can check out the satin pillow cases as well.

In case you are not convinced, read the experience of America’s Next Natural Models who tried the silky pillow cases as one of the challenges or the pageant. With all different textures they all tried them so see if Silk Pillowcase make a difference on Braids, Locs and 4C Naturals.


 Satin pillow case for locs
Latasha with locs on a 100% silk pillow case





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