The Day I Decided to go Natural

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Ready to make that change after 11 years of perms and color…My hair was once my crown and glory; likewise, I use to take pride in being a strong African princess. However, I realized that the bone straight weave and permed look wasn’t making the statement that my mother set for me. My hair now a dismal thinning disaster is making me want to throw in more fake hair and hide behind a full lace wig. Well, today I made the decision that I will no longer be a prisoner of no-lye…creme toxic junk but to be happy with who and what my hair really is… These thoughts of going natural have been in plan for at least a year; however, the damage of the last perm applied was the straw that broke the camal’s back!

The freedom I felt growing up seeing my beautiful mother picking out her afro…and me begging her to give me an afro was just what I needed to prepare myself for such a drastic change. The sweet memory of sitting on the front steps of that Mississippi porch smiling at how beautiful I felt with this curly massive hair style. This memory will always be the prevailing force that is going to get me through the BC or big cut.

First, I have to inform everyone that I am already in a super short, permed hairstyle. Therefore, I have to bypass a tiny afro and get into the barber’s chair for a men’s inspired do. I am a little frightened at the aspect of doing such a big change; likewise, my boyfriend is NOT very supportive of me going natural or the BC. His mind has been taken over by the images and media views of bone straight long hair beauty. Well, I have to live with me and I am doing this for me. So no more will I be a slave to the burning and poisoning of my scalp, because I am making the choice to be nappy and FREE!

Later thought: I will be uploading pictures of my BC once I get my boyfriend’s brother-in-law to cut my hair.


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