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I’m 6 months into my natural journey and my hair seems to be doing pretty well but every time I twist it I pull nappy balls off the ends of my hair. These balls are not tiny… is this normal?


Kinky hair ends tend to tie together forming balls of hair that will eventually break off. Whether it is normal is relative. Yes, it is normal in that this is a very common condition for people with very kinky hair. No it is not normal in that it does not have to be this way. You hair requires extreme moisture and a good trim. The split and dry ends will tie together and break easily if not cared for properly. Start with first using a shampoo with no sulfates or castile, do regular warm oil treatments with pure aloe vera. Also, use natural protein enriched products that will fill and seal the cuticle of the hair. This will make the strands more manageable.

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Going Natural Hair Care package
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  1. Sharon Donald-Baynes

    I am interested in purchasing your scalp treatment product. How do I order? I can’t find a price or the website to make a purchase.

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