Commitment in DC/MD/VA??

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Can you say commitment? I just recently got stood up by a stylist, not once but three times. On the phone this sister was knowledgeable and apologetic but when it came to her stories, I fell for them obviously. The last time I didn’t get a story just an address and a headache trying to find it and ultimately NO ANSWER or explanation for her missed appointment. You see, I’m picky about who puts their energy in my head! I’ve been in search for a full-time Natural Stylist that I can keep for years. However, when I find them they’ve been booked, a great distance  bringing their clientel to a close or a BIGGIE, only part-time. Hell, I work for a living and I need to go to a salon like folk with relaxed tresses AFTER work and Saturdays aren’t always an option.

I ended up in an African Braiding Salon with Nubian Twists that I don’t care for. I’m still learning about natural hair care and styling now that I have a little length. What I don’t get is how natural hair frizzes out of twists and braids. My friend suggested using human hair for twists, which is how I ended up pursuing the phathom stylist. I want to give my styling and manipulation on my natural tresses a break. She’s done that by using natural human hair in double strands, where she can shampoo it and reuse the hair. Does anyone have any suggestions where to purchase the best hair?

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