Colorful Ponytail Holders

Colorful Ponytail Holders

Add a pop of color with hair accessories! According to an article on, colors can improve your brain function. Blue enhances creativity. Red helps you to improve your concentration.

Ponytail holder for natural hairIt was a grey day.  Actually the weather outside was wonderful—crisp and sunny, typical of early October.  Only *I* was feeling a little bland.  I was wearing a camouflage inspired grey short sleeved top, a long sleeved grey top under  and grey slacks. While 50 Shades of Grey might be a best seller right now, it certainly does not make for an exciting outfit! I knew I needed something to enliven my look, but what? 

My first thought was:  colorblocking! 

I am a New Yorker and we love dressing in black from head to toe.  However according to an article on, colors can improve your brain function.  For example blue enhances creativity.  Meanwhile red helps you to improve your performance when working on detail oriented projects that require a great deal of concentration.

I have a plan to purchase several bright belts (in red, blue, pink, yellow etc) that I will put together with outfits that need a little lift.  This plan also involves acquiring matching or complimentary accessories like earrings, a necklace and/or a scarf to go with each belt.  The only thing is that I have not yet purchased these items. 

Fortunately, I do have a few colorful hair accessories to work with for the time being.

I tried pairing two different ponytail holders with my grey outfit—one turquoise the other was predominately orange.  I love these ponytail holders.  They are super stretchy and can accommodate my five-day-old pipe cleaner curls with no problem.  The beaded design is very pretty and reminds me of an African print.  The holder can be worn as a bracelet as well. 

I love ease and comfort with everything I wear, so the wooden clasp made putting them on and taking the off a breeze.      When using the ponytail holder to pull up the front, I did stabilize the hair first with a small band before putting on the holder. 

I decided to wear the turquoise holder.  It reminded me of the ocean, the beach and summertime.  

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