The Best Nappy Comebacks

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Let’s face it, if you’re a black woman, have ever been a black woman, or intend on ever becoming a black woman in the future, you?ve faced your share of “nappy-head jokes”.

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When these social blunders occur, you’re probably left wondering what you should say next. Flying off the handle only gives the impression that not only are you “nappy-headed” or of “nappy-headed origins”, but that you’re an “angry black woman”. Not retorting on the other hand, could lead to those offenders assuming that it’s perfectly fine to keep ragging on your hairstyle, you know, the one you spent hours, five combs and a tub of grease to get together? Yes, that one. Another approach is to fight fire with fire. This however often leads down Can’t Take It Back Street and Friends No More Lane, both things that you may not intend when you go off about someone’s imported weave. So, with all the more readily available retaliation options off the table, what’s your next best bet? Play smart.

By being one step ahead of the game, you can not only maintain your dignity and continue feeling good about your fabulous hair, but possibly shut up nay-sayers for good. Here are 5 comebacks that hit that diplomatic sweet spot, will leave you brushing your shoulders off in no time and not because of stray hairs.

1) The Don’t Worry About Me, Worry About You
“Stop worrying so much about what’s on my head and worry more about what’s in your head.”
This sentiment speaks for itself. If someone’s so interested in why your hair’s so “nappy” they obviously have time to kill. This time could be spent edifying themselves and becoming better citizens. Take it a step further and point them in the right direction for further education. Share the good word of black hair.
2) The Turn and Drop The Mic
“Yeah, it’s fierce isn’t it?”
This is a great one, especially when accompanied by a big grin and a little sashaying. You might not be Beyonce, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be as fierce as the diva herself. Be you, love you and forget the hate. You are -insert name here- FIERCE!

3) The Straight to the Point
“Well at least it’s my hair.”
What else is there to say after this one? Either the offender will shut up and walk away, or they’ll launch into a tirade probably brought on by their own insecurities. Whatever the outcome, watch that weave bounce, bounce, bounce.

4) The Celestial Angel
“I’m in that natural heaven.”
Natural black hair might be a pain to upkeep, but it is darn beautiful too. We won’t ever know exactly what any other ethnic groups’ hair feels like, why not embrace ours?

5) The Ego Builder
“Gotta be a bad mama jamma to rock crazy, kinky, curly, puffy, locs, twisted, braided, mixed-up, coiled-up hair. We all wear it well!”
Absolutely nothing else needs to be said.

Be proud of your black hair!

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