High Fashion Cornrows


His incredible passion for hair must have rubbed on me when I saw this white hairstylist at the IBS (International Hair & Beauty Show) cutting a model’s hair. The flame in his eyes clearly showed his love for every single strand that he was cutting. The result was awesome. At that moment I realized how we limit ourselves and how much more is possible with our type of hair.

It dawned on me that African hair is the only hair type where you can go from one extreme style to another without having to use scissors. Cornrows and braiding options are only limited to ones imagination. So I went to an African Braider in Brooklyn. I explained to her what I wanted and I had a completely new look for $60. A style I could change up too. This one style offered me 4 different looks.

The basis style was Cornrows to one side that ended up in loose braids.
The ends of braids curl up naturally. That is what kinky hair does.

High Fashion Cornrows - Back View

For a change I braided up the loose braids in a French Braid and secured it with a barrette.

High Fashion Cornrows Ponytail

To protect the cornrows and keep the style a little longer, I wore hats.
The result was yet again another look.

High Fashion Cornrows with Hat

Another variation was creating Bantus from the braids in the front.

High Fashion Cornrows Bantus

Products used: Silky Shea-Aloe to keep the hair moist while braided and scalp conditioning oil.


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