Hair Care

This is good hair care for Locs and Natural hair Care

From the Loc Bombs and the wash basin to Loc Glove and Hair Cuffs, this section is all about the best products for Locs, Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks and Micro locs. From detoxing locs to anti-frizz and anti-itch solutions to help grow your locs and embellish your hair with cowries and hair cuffs .

Dreadlocks in Nigeria: Dreadlocks are Associated with Beliefs about Danger

Natural Hair Care

The wonders of Black Seed oil for hair growth and general health

Using Going Natural No More Knots Detangling Spray and Silky Shea Hair Butter For A Twist Out

Need professional photos for your portfolio?

How to detangle 4C natural hair without ripping your strands

Why Your Braids, 4C hair and Locs Are Craving a Microfiber Towel

How to untangle 4C Natural Hair without braking your strands

The best oils to care for, style and grow natural hair, Afros and Locs

Hair growth results after using the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray

Silk Press: The Aftermath

How to Treat that Thinning, Slow Growing Spot


Overcoming relaxer-induced alopecia and learning that the hair loss condition affects an astonishing 73% of African American women, motivated me to use my IT expertise to improve the health of Black women’s follicles and highlight the social injustice behind the numbers.

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