How can I speed up the process of Going Natural?

Transitioning from relaxed to natural

Hi Meireille,

It has been 8 weeks since relaxing my hair and I was wondering if there was anything I could do or use to speed up the process???

speedup going naturalHello Lisa,

The short answer is no, unfortunately there is no way to speed up the process of going natural. What you basically want is for your natural texture to replace the straight part of your strand.

Well, your natural texture will not literally replace the altered part. What will happen in the process of going natural is that your natural hair will heal and outgrow the straightened part of your hair but that takes time. 

So, you will need to be a little more patience because you are dependent on hair growth and hair grows half an inch monthly on average. some people use Biotin to promote hair growth but there is no guarantee that it works for everybody.What I recommend more than anything is to work on a good hair care regimen to keep your new growth healthy and moisturized so that your strands are flexible, don’t break and can retain length.

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Good luck & stay beautiful!

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