How to Treat that Thinning, Slow Growing Spot

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Tineke's Healthy Hair Growth spray for thinning hair

Do you suffer from hair loss? Or thinning hair in some areas of your head? The answer is yes for many of us naturals. So, don’t feel alone in this battle, we can conquer this together. The first thing to do when we see this happening is to get to the root of it. Find out what the cause of your hair loss is. Thinning hair or hair loss may be caused by several factors ranging from something as simple as vitamin deficiency to something more serious such as hormone imbalance. The following may be causes of thinning or slow growing hair:

    • A low-protein diet.
    • Medical conditions such as lupus, diabetes, iron deficiency, hormone imbalance.
    • Shampooing the hair too much, tight braiding, dyeing the hair.
    • Chemotherapeutic drugs.
    • A natural consequence of childbirth.
    • Unhealthy scalp; dry itchy scalp.

Going natural conditioning spray and roller braid

Once you’ve ruled out hormonal or other medical reasons, then it’s time to start the journey of getting your hair back to a healthy state. What products have you been using in your hair? Do they strike a good balance between protein and moisture? Do you have dry itchy scalp? If these questions describe your plight, then it’s time to use natural products with ingredients which will definitely solve your hair problem. Three particular products available on – Going-Natural Conditioning Spray, the Roller braid for scalp aid and the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray. – have just the right blend of natural ingredients that can solve your issue.

The Going-Natural Conditioning Spray contains the following ingredients and this is how they work for your hair and scalp!

    • Glycerin- seals in moisture.
    • Propanediol-this is a 100% natural ingredient that is soluble in water. It’s an excellent moisturizer and it prevents loss of moisture from hair.
    • Green tea extract- contains large amounts of anti-oxidants which mop up free radicals that damage hair cells. Polyphenols in green tea decrease hair loss.
    • White tea extract- rich source of anti-oxidants especially EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which causes profound hair growth. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties fight infections of the scalp.
    • MSM- methylsulfonylmethane is a sulphur based compound; sulphur is a building block for hair and nails.
    • Water- for hydration of your kinks and curls.

The Roller braid for scalp aid will definitely take care of dry itchy scalp and thinning spots. It contains the following: Castor oil, aloevera, neem and rosemary oils. Together these ingredients provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant coverage for the hair and scalp. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, minerals and omega 6 & 9 fatty acids which are key in growing healthy hair. Aloevera conditions dry scalp while neem oil contributes to healthy follicles for hair growth. Neem also contains Linoleic acid which nourishes and moisturizes hair. Collectively, these oils treat folliculitis, dandruff and dry scalp. They drastically improve circulation hence thicker, stronger hair is produced. Apply the roller braid to your thinning spots and mist the scalp conditioning spray unto your hair and scalp to nourish it back to health.

The Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray is just the latest addition with great results. It is a 100% pure organic spray enriched with essential oils to stimulate the follicles.

If you are not sure whether you suffer from hair breakage or not, please check the video.


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