My Hair Issue: Hair coming out in the crown


Hair coming out in the crown. need help!

Hi Dianna Hoskin,

Kudos to you for staying healthy and keeping in shape! I would like to encourage you to be patient with your hair. One thing you didn’t share is what you using on your hair! It’s important to stay away from products with drying agents such as SLES/SLS, ETOH, mineral oil, petroleum and silicones*.

 Since you seem to be leading a healthy lifestyle, I would encourage you to be sure to drink half your body weight in water daily (100lbs, drink 50oz of water), continue to incorporate omega 3 fatty acids into your diet, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, practice low manipulation hairstyles (for example, did you know that 2 strand twists can stay in your hair for 2months before locking? they can be washed and treated like loose natural hair)!

An easy addition to your regimen may be a daily spritz of aloe vera juice, infused with a follicle stimulating essential oil. These recipes can be found in The Knotty Truth series of books or Going Natural with recommendations that fit your lifestyle and health status, since high blood pressure is linked, in some cases to decreased hair growth, as your body re-routes it’s resources to stabilize your cardiovascular system. Remember, in all cases, research your ingredients first to use the best ingredients for your health and hair care!

Going Natural recommends the Scalp Conditioning Spray.

Going Natural Hair Care package

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