Hair Issue: My hair is short in the front and long in the back

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Dear Mireille,

My hair problem is that it’s short in the front and long in the back i need to do a chop but i am hoping that my edge will go back one day. The hair part affected is the front and the top. 

Natural hair QuestionHi Rita,

Olive oil is a great to your regimen may be a daily spritz of aloe vera juice, infused with a follicle stimulating essential oil.These recipes can be found in The Knotty Truth series of books or Going Natural with recommendations that fit your lifestyle and health status, since high blood pressure is linked, in some cases to decreased hair growth, as your body re-routes it’s resources to stabilize your cardiovascular system. moisturizer for the hair & skin.An easy addition 

Wearing extensions and wigs can contribute to hair loss, so definitely continue with gentle massages coupled with      the aloevera juice,cutting back on the olive oil to maybe once/twice per week, depending upon your climate (humid climate, less oils are necessary). Because a wig can be a security net, why not incorporate some half wigs and afro pony tail pieces to give your hair line a break a couple of days a week?

Remember, in all cases, research your ingredients first to use the best ingredients for your health and hair care! And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

This question was answered by Michelle George, Certified Natural Hair Coach

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